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Some of our latest publications.
Coronary Artery Disease: Research and Practice
Research on Virology and Cytopathology
Research on Immunology
Protein Purification: Principles and Trends
Obesity Research
Coronary Artery Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
An Agent-Based Approach for Selecting and Negotiating with Suppliers in Purchasing Management
Immunotherapeutic Approaches for Neurological Diseases: Natural Monoclonal Antibodies and Conventional Monoclonal Antibodies

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Author Distribution

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North America: 22%
- Canada: 8%
- USA: 70%
- Mexico: 21%
South America: 7%
- Brazil: 65%
Europe: 30%
- France: 5%
- Germany: 11%
- Italy: 17%
- Spain: 14%
Middle East: 4%
- Saudi Arabia: 6%
Africa: 4%
- Algeria: 12%
- Egypt: 14%
- South Africa: 9%
Africa: 4%
Asia: 32%
- China: 20%
- India: 24%
- Japan: 26%
- Korea: 2%
- Russia: 5%
Oceania: 4%
- Australia: 90%
- New Zealand: 9%
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General Guideline of Self-Plagiarism

Even if a piece of work is authored by you, you may not necessarily be granted to reuse your work, either in full or in excerpts; otherwise you may have committed self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism can infringe upon a publisher's copyright. If you are not sure what is self-plagiarism, you may refer to the following white paper (by ithenticate):

In iConcept Press, self-plagiarism is strictly prohibited. We will not publish any work that has committed self-plagiarism. If the idea of your work is the same as a published work (even the wordings are rephrased), we may considered it as self-plagiarism. Unless you have obtained written approval from the publisher whom published your work, we will not publish a work which is suspicious of self-plagiarism.

A common question we always received: how different is different? We usually said: if the idea (not the wordings) of two works has at least 30% different, then plagiarism usually does not apply, because one work could be regarded as an extension/expansion of the other work. The meaning of new idea is not simply the addition of proofs, tables or figures, but is the addition of some solid content materials. A good reference is from ACM TODS:

Note that iConcept Press does not have any relationship with ithenticate and ACM TODS.

Save Our Planet
Protect Our Environment

As a social enterprise which aims at maximizing the improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing the profits for external shareholders, starting from September 2013, iConcept Press tries to minimize the adverse impact of papers on our planet by using sustainable paper whenever possible. All our hardcover books use FSC™ - CoC certified papers. Our papers are:

  • FSC™ Mix
  • Mill Broke
  • Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) / Totally Chlorine Free (TCF)
  • Acid Free
  • ISO14001
  • ISO9706
  • BgW
  • EN71-3
  • EN71-9
  • RoHS
  • EMAS
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iConcept Press Helps the Poor Go to School

We want to improve the lives of impoverished children around the globe by providing them access to educational facilities and institutions. Hence, iConcept Press donates fund to different charities annually.

iConcept Press constantly donates funds to Child Welfare Scheme and Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong. These charities were chosen because of their transparency and highly efficient fundraising. Click HERE to read more. Part of our profits will be used to help change the lives of dozens of children in ways that will profoundly affect their future and well-being

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