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Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications
Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications
Calin Ciufudean and Lino García

Chapter 5

Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications

Application of Voice Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living

by Milan Sigmund and Detlef Richter

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Language is the engine of civilization and speech is its most powerful and natural form that humans use to communicate or share thoughts, ideas and emotions. There are several ways of characterizing the communication potential of speech. According to information theory, speech can be represented in terms of its message content. An alternative way of characterizing speech is in terms of the signal carrying the message information, i.e. the acoustic waveform. Voice technologies cover various areas of speech processing such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech enhancement, and speaker recognition as well as many sub-areas. The algorithms used in these areas can be integrated in a complex system, e.g. automatic dialogue systems or can be considered as a self-contained problem. The most common approaches in all fields of speech signal processing are based on short-time speech analysis (typically 10-30 ms). Speech processing by machine in real-world situations is difficult because of the variability in the signal due to speaking style, physical and psychological state of speaker, background noise, microphone and network characteristics etc. Contemporary society is aging continuously. This trend increases the need for assistance in order to take care of very old people as well as care of people with special needs, for example people with impairments, disabilities or chronic diseases. An important aspect for all people needing support in their daily life is to remain integrated in society. Ambient assisted living with voice technologies can help to provide permanent assistance for maintaining quality of life and limit the costs for medical treatment and nursing.

Author Details

Milan Sigmund
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Detlef Richter
RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, Germany


Milan Sigmund and Detlef Richter. Application of Voice Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living. In Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications. ISBN:978-1-461108-443. iConcept Press. 0000.