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Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications
Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications
Calin Ciufudean and Lino García

Chapter 17

Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications

Unmanned Robotic Vehicles for Demining

by Štefan Havlik

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Paper analyses some most important characteristics that should be taken into consideration in building the unmanned robotic demining vehicle. Based on previous experiences from the development of demining technology the modular concept of the multipurpose vehicle and some its main functional parts are discussed. Such robotic vehicle can be used as general porter of various detection systems, tools for cleaning terrain as well as neutralization equipment. Further development towards partially autonomous system and some principal tasks of positioning in dangerous terrain are analyzed. The real construction of the remotely controlled BOZENA family vehicles equipped by the flailing mechanisms for mechanical activation of explosions is briefly presented and attachment for related works is shown. Organization of the paper (chapters and topics): approx. 25 p. - Introduction Humanitarian demining, - State, Availability of efficient demining technology = tool for international / regional stability. Development of hudem demining technology, Overview (projects, research effort, demining machines,… ) - Analysis of the demining process ( requirements, demining technologies, tasks of the demining process, priorities, tools, possible solutions… ) - Some robotic approaches (History, state of the art, expectation and reality, Robotic demining technology – description, Features and requirements. Rules and criteria, Principal performances, Specific features, Demining machines, Mobility systems, Tools. Navigation, control, Level of Autonomy, Information-control scheme, Parts of the global concept. ANGEL concept – brief description of the project., Land robotic vehicles, Motions and functionality , Tasks and priorities in the demining process, Robotic demining system – scheme. - Modular concept of robotic vehicles / Multipurpose machines and tools. Reason, Concept, Functional parts, modes of operation, additional attachment / equipment (figures), multipurpose machines, Development and description of the “Bozena” family machines (remotely operated, flailing neutralization, many tools / accessories – brief descriptions, Figs. , experiences, ) Rem. “Bozena” - World-wide used machines for demining operations - Conclusion

Author Details

Štefan Havlik
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia


Štefan Havlik. Unmanned Robotic Vehicles for Demining. In Advances in Robotics: Modeling, Control and Applications. ISBN:978-1-461108-443. iConcept Press. 0000.