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Complication: Research and Practice
Complication: Research and Practice
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Complication: Research and Practice

Complication is usually a consequence of a disease. The disease can become worse in its severity or show a higher number of symptoms or new pathological changes, and widespread throughout the body to affect other organ systems. Depending on the degree of vulnerability, susceptibility, age, health status, immune system condition, etc. complications may arise more easily. This book describes some of the emerging topics in the context of complication. There are totally 13 chapters in this book.

Chapter 1
by Nabil Abdalla, Michal Bachanek, Agnieszka Timorek, Krzysztof Cendrowski and Wlodzimierz Sawicki
Viewed: 920
Chapter 2
by Beata Skibska and Anna Goraca
Viewed: 1264
Chapter 3
by Alexander N Orekhov and Ekaterina A Ivanova
Viewed: 622
Chapter 4
by Jordana Kate Schmier, Greg Maislin and Kevin Ong
Viewed: 812
Chapter 5
by Yashpal Singh, Bikram K Gupta and Ram Badan Singh
Viewed: 497
Chapter 6
by Patricia Vázquez-Alvarado, Alejandra Hernández-Ceruelos, Sergio Muñoz-Juárez, Jesús Ruvalvaba-Ledezma, Julieta Macías-Ortega, Juan Carlos Paz-Bautista, Josefina Reynoso-Vázquez and Alejandro Chehue-Romero
Viewed: 709
Chapter 7
by Diana Carolina Castellanos Arévalo, Andrea Paola Castellanos Arévalo, David Alfonso Camarena Pozos, Juan Colli, Bertha Isabel Arévalo Rivas, Juan José Peña-Cabriales and Maria Vega Maldonado
Viewed: 727
Chapter 8
by Thomas Scior, Itzel Gutierrez-Aztatzi and Jorge Lozano-Aponte
Viewed: 972
Chapter 9
by Prasanna Venkatesan Eswaradass, Swapna Anandhan, Hari Krishnan Nair and Mohammed Ismail
Viewed: 760
Chapter 10
by Nabil Abdalla, Monika Pazura, Robert Piorkowski, Krzysztof Cendrowski and Wlodzimierz Sawicki
Viewed: 1027
Chapter 11
by Olimpia Ortega
Viewed: 676
Chapter 12
by Juan C Grignola and Juan P Bouchacourt
Viewed: 717
Chapter 13
by Lowell Dilworth, Dewayne Stennett and Felix Omoruyi
Viewed: 679