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Research on Immunology
Research on Immunology
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Research on Immunology

Immunology is a branch of biomedical science that covers the study of immune systems in organisms. Many components of the immune system are typically cellular in nature and not associated with any specific organ; but rather are embedded or circulating in various tissues located throughout the body. Research on Immunology covers some of the latest aspects of the study of the immune system. It encompasses pathophysiology and physiology in health.

Chapter 1
by Sacha Satram-Hoang, Carolina Reyes, Sandra Skettino and Khang Q. Hoang
Viewed: 586
Chapter 2
by Michael Könnecke, Robert Böscke, Anja Waldmann, Karl-Ludwig Bruchhage, Robert Linke, Ralph Pries and Barbara Wollenberg
Viewed: 381
Chapter 3
by Lu-Ping Zhang, Jian-Guo Sun, Yan-Mei Xu, Jie Shen, Feng He, Dan Zhang and Zheng-Tang Chen
Viewed: 347
Chapter 4
by Juandy Jo, Johan Garssen, Leon M.J. Knippels and Elena Sandalova
Viewed: 318
Chapter 5
by Akinobu Takaki, Nozomu Wada and Kazuhide Yamamoto
Viewed: 535
Chapter 6
by Shih-Min Wang and Ching-Chuan Liu
Viewed: 378
Chapter 7
by Laila Sara Arroyo, Nerea Fontecha Urcelay, Miren Basaras Ibarzabal, Elixabete Arrese Arratibel, Silvia Hernáez Crespo, Daniel Andía Ortiz and Ramón Cisterna Cancer
Viewed: 397
Chapter 8
by Feroz Alam, Mehar Aziz, Mohammed Naim and Murad Ahmed
Viewed: 1146
Chapter 9
by Victoria Birlutiu, Rares Mircea Birlutiu and Cristina Rezi
Viewed: 473
Chapter 10
by Wei-Yen Hsu
Viewed: 333
Chapter 11
by Leandro Roberto Jones and Julieta Marina Manrique
Viewed: 252