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Research on Virology and Cytopathology
Research on Virology and Cytopathology
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Research on Virology and Cytopathology

Research on Cytopathology is a book presenting the information and practical applications of clinical cytology in determining the etiology, diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic options of benign and malignant disease. Committed to bridging the gap between cytopathology and surgical pathology, this book stresses the value of clinical-pathological correlations, as well as the correlation between cytological and histological findings.

Chapter 1
by Koon Wui Lee, Dawn Su-Yin Yeo, Pui San Wong, Myint Zu Myaing, Eliza Chua, Serena Oh, Richard Sugrue and Boon-Huan Tan
Viewed: 1061
Chapter 2
by Chen Zhang and Xiaofei Yang
Viewed: 1177
Chapter 3
by Marina Senchukova, Andrew Raybov and Alexander Stadnikov
Viewed: 882
Chapter 4
by Marisa D. Santos and Carlos Lopes
Viewed: 1121
Chapter 5
by Maythem Saeed and Mark W. Wilson
Viewed: 696
Chapter 6
by Ivo Trogrlić, Dragan Trogrlić and Zoran Trogrlić
Viewed: 1606
Chapter 7
by Amir Mufaddel, Ossama Osman and Ghanem Al Hassani
Viewed: 4029
Chapter 8
by Glauce Crivelaro Nascimento, Yamba Carla Lara Pereira and Rafael Henrique Rondon
Viewed: 1475
Chapter 9
by Syed Hani Abidi, Syed S. Ali, Muhammad A. Raees, Marcia Kalish, Sten H. Vermund and Syed Ali
Viewed: 747
Chapter 10
by Syed Hani Abidi, Muhammad A. Raees, Farhat Abbas, Sarah Rowland-Jones, Marcia Kalish, Sten H. Vermund and Syed Ali
Viewed: 610