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Research Trend on Bacterial Pathogenesis
Research Trend on Bacterial Pathogenesis
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Research Trend on Bacterial Pathogenesis

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This book focuses on core principles based on the growing understanding of the underlying similarities among pathogens and their mechanisms of action. The book presents the latest research to help students explore the mechanisms by which bacterial pathogens cause infections in humans and animals. includes new coverage of key findings on the mechanisms of bacterial secretion, toxins, and regulation.
The application of molecular techniques to the study of bacterium-host interaction has made possible great progress in fundamental understanding of the molecular basis of infectious diseases. The book includes the topics but not limited to:
Pathogenic Microbiology
Molecular biology
human physiology
Genomics of Tuberculosis
Infectious diseases
We welcome researchers to submit original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas.

by Weihao Zheng, Xiaodan Cai and Zigang Li
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by Yun Sun, Chunsheng Liu and Yongcan Zhou
Viewed: 394