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Publication Fees (Article Processing Charge)

Our books1 and journals are open access. Open access means that publications are available to the public online for free. But open access publishing is not without costs. As an social enterprise, iConcept Press requests authors and their funding bodies to pay the publication fee (also known as article processing charge). With their contribution and willingness to share their expert knowledge within our community, authors enable the free distribution of scholarly literature. The standard publication fees are:

  • Lecture Notes: Free.
  • Books: USD$39/page for the first 16 pages and USD$19/page thereafter.
  • Journals: Free for the first 10 pages and USD$38/page thereafter.

If the submitting author's institute is our member, the publication fee could be waived or reduced. For more information, please follow this link: Institutional Membership Schema.

We routinely waive charges/reduce publication fee for authors from low income countries. For other countries, waivers or discounts are granted on a case-by-case basis to authors with insufficient funds. Authors can request a waiver or discount during the submission process.

1 A book will become open access after 10 months when it is published.

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