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iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology
iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology
Maurice Ling
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iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology


iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology is a peer-reviewed journal targeting at all aspects of theoretical, methodological and tool development, testing and user evaluation of computational and mathematical tools for the modelling, visualization, analysis and interpretation of biological data at all scales from molecules and cells to populations and ecosystems. The following areas are also considered: technical and usability reviews, significant updates and improvement of available tools and methods, application of computing, applied mathematics and statistics to actual biological problems, and short reviews consolidating the state of knowledge in the area.

The topics of interest in this journal include (but not limited to):

  • Computational modeling of molecules, interactions and systems
  • DNA, RNA and protein sequence analysis
  • Proteomic, interactomic and metabolomic analysis
  • Biological database construction and use
  • Biomedical literature and health record analysis
  • Mathematical representation, manipulation and simulation of biological systems
  • Computational and comparative genomics
  • Biological structure representation and analysis
  • Theoretical foundation, development and testing of tools and methods
  • User evaluation, significant updates and improvement of tools and methods
  • Application of tools and methods

Criteria for Publication

Publication of research articles by is dependent primarily on their validity and coherence, as judged by peer reviewers, who are also asked whether the writing is comprehensible and how interesting they consider the article to be.


As an electronic-based journal, we offer authors the opportunity to publish large data sets, large numbers of illustrations and moving pictures, to display data in a form that can be read directly by other software packages so as to allow readers to manipulate the data for themselves, and to create all relevant links.