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iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology
iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology
Maurice Ling
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iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology

The Universal Genetic Code described by a Model Based on Group Theory

by Pozzo Paola

Volume: 1 (2010); Issue: 2


This study was performed, in order to verify if a mathematical model based on group theory can describe the universal genetic code and codon sequences behaviour. We investigated the reproducibility of the 64 variations of nucleotide triplets forming the genetic code and observed that the model based on a 4th order cyclic group can describe the DNA sequence with a unique distribution of nucleotides. Moreover, the model reproduces the shape of the 3D structures of codon sequences in some cases with surprising precision. We investigated also the possibility that special points along the sequence can represent binding sites. The comparison of our sets of points with the predictions of some specific tools gives promising results. Additionally, the analysis of the triplet codon selection of some proteins seems to confirm the recent idea that 5’-sequence of mRNAs strongly influences their translation.

Author Details

Pozzo Paola
Research and Development Statistics, Intrasoft-Eurostat, Luxembourg

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