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iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology
iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology
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iConcept Journal of Computational and Mathematical Biology

Computer Models in Entomology: Predicting the Daily Fecundity of Female Acheta domesticus

by Robert Sturm

Volume: 5 (2016); Issue: 3


Main objective of the present study was the theoretical description of the effect of various environmental factors on the daily fecundity (i.e., the number of eggs oviposited every 24 h) of Acheta domesticus (L., 1758). In order to fulfill this aim, a computer program specifically dealing with this question was developed. The model allows to estimate the influence of environmental temperature (constant or periodically fluctuating), photo period, food composition, and population density on female oviposition. With the help of specific determinants derived from regression analyses as well as appropriate distribution functions temporary change of fecundity can be simulated and presented graphically. Model validation was conducted by comparing hypothetical and experimental fecundity data obtained for different constant temperatures (20 °C, 27 °C, 34 °C). Due to a partly excellent corre-spondence between the two data sets further theoretical calculations were carried out, which pointed out food composition and population density as additional factors controlling daily fecundity.

Author Details

Robert Sturm
Material Sciences and Physics, University of Salzburg

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