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iConcept Journal of Emerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
iConcept Journal of Emerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Eugenia Giannopoulou
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Volume 6 (2017)

Parasitic diseases: Toxocara species infection associated with cardiovascular disease (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
Mohammad Zibaei
Volume: 6 (2017); Issue: 1; Viewed: 531

Volume 5 (2016)

Fetal Abdominal Circumference – the best parameter for detecting macrosomia (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
Emmanuel Mador, Ishaya Chuwang Pam and John Oluwole Ogunranti
Volume: 5 (2016); Issue: 2; Viewed: 483
Vaccine trials in Africa: Impact and challenges (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
Olubukola Idoko, Muhammed Afolabi, Bernhards Ogutu and Martin Ota
Volume: 5 (2016); Issue: 1; Viewed: 768

Volume 4 (2015)

Role of routine TORCH testing with emphasis on Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
KULVINDER kocharKAUR, GAUTAM Nand Allahbadia and MANDEEP Singh
Volume: 4 (2015); Issue: 1; Viewed: 665

Volume 3 (2014)

Polyarteritis Nodosa Involving the Hard Palate: A Case Report
Eleonora Ortu, Davide Pietropaoli, Giuseppe Marzo, Mario Giannoni and Annalisa Monaco
Volume: 3 (2014); Issue: 5; Viewed: 763
Current Concept of Sarcopenia and its Neurogenic Model (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
Ping Kwan
Volume: 3 (2014); Issue: 4; Viewed: 924
Combination of Etoposide and Docosahexaenoic Acid via Targeting PI3K/MAPK Pathway May Be A New Therapeutic Strategy for Medulloblastoma (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
Shuang Zhou, Fengfei Wang and Erxi Wu
Volume: 3 (2014); Issue: 3; Viewed: 761
The relationship between cancer and hepatitis viruses (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
Gulfem Ece
Volume: 3 (2014); Issue: 2; Viewed: 773
Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress and the Lungs: Breathing at its Best
Narendra Kumar Sah, Anit Lamichhane, Vijay Chaudhary, Rajesh Pandey and Surinder Kumar Aggarwal
Volume: 3 (2014); Issue: 1; Viewed: 1167

Volume 2 (2013)

Perspectives in Tumour Biology: Tumour Differentiation and Insights Into Embryogenesis (Accepted. Waiting for Copy Editing)
Bhanu Iyengar
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 13; Viewed: 869
Docking Studies on Novel Drugs Against Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
Sulochana Somasundaram, R. S. Anand and C. N. Paramsivan
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 12; Viewed: 1444
Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease: A review
Meena Chintamaneni and Manju Bhaskar
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 11; Viewed: 1387
The Impact on Cardiovascular Risk Factors after Incentivizing Healthy Employees During 2009-2012 in a Pediatric Hospital Wellness Program
Lilly Ramphal Naley, Jun Zhang and Sumihiro Suzuki
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 10; Viewed: 905
The Experience of Miners Relocated to Alternative Positions due to Silicosis
Diemen Delgado García , Fabian Delgado García , Oscar Ramírez Yerba and Irma Patricia Cano
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 9; Viewed: 1228
Public Health Policy and Vaccine-Preventable Disease: The Case for Immunization.
Michael G. Bath, Corey L. Horien and Jennifer L. Bath
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 8; Viewed: 1052
Trends of Obesity Epidemic and its Socio-cultural Dimensions in Africa: Implications for Health Systems and Environmental Interventions
Olufunke O. Arojo and Kayode O. Osungbade
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 7; Viewed: 2257
Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Lactate Transporters in Prostate Cancer
Nelma Pértega-Gomes, José Ramón Vizcaíno, Carlos Lopes and Fatima Baltazar
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 6; Viewed: 1256
Articular Cartilage Degeneration Etiologic Association with Obesity
Bryce M. Fincham and Deryk Jones
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 5; Viewed: 1002
Behavioral Risk Factors and Effects of Lifestyle Modification on Adults with Diabetes: A Brazilian Community-based Study
Roberto Carlos Burini, Gabriel Augusto Torezan and Kátia Cristina Portero McLellan
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 4; Viewed: 1133
Laparoscopic Staging in Gastric Cancer
Ramesh Gurunathan
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 3; Viewed: 1160
Diode Laser Conjunctiva Thermo-therapy and Topical Mitomyocin-c in Treatment of Two patients with Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia
Gholamhossein Yaghoobi and Behrouz Heydari
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 2; Viewed: 1039
Polg and Other Mitochondrial Disease Relevance for Psychiatry
Willem M. A. Verhoeven, Jos I. E. Egger and Bart P. C. van de Warrenburg
Volume: 2 (2013); Issue: 1; Viewed: 1600

Volume 1 (2010)

Genome-Wide Detection of Putative Oncofetal Genes in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Splicing Pattern Comparison
Chia-Hung Liu, Kuan-Ting Lin, Chi-Ying F Huang, Yih-Jyh Shann, Yu-Shi Lin, Cheng-Yan Kao and Chun-Nan Hsu
Volume: 1 (2010); Issue: 1; Viewed: 1661