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iConcept Journal of Emerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
iConcept Journal of Emerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Eugenia Giannopoulou
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iConcept Journal of Emerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

Role of routine TORCH testing with emphasis on Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

by KULVINDER kocharKAUR, GAUTAM Nand Allahbadia and MANDEEP Singh

Volume: 4 (2015); Issue: 1
Status: Copy Editing and Typesetting


There is a common misconception regarding TORCH group of infections as being the aetiological factors for recurrent abortions/bad obstetric history.In fact most clinicians n India don’t understand the significance of TORCH investigations or for that matter what exactly the term TORCH represents.Having been invited to write on TORCH in infertility I decided to reluctantly review the topic but realized how significant the problem of toxoplasma gondii had become globallyand how important it is to understand the etiology,pathogenesisand treatment for every treating physician obstetrician ,to prevent the potential hazards in the unborn child like congenital blindness,deafness,neurological sequelaelike mental retardation,just by taking some preventive measures at the initiation as it can occur in the pregnant mother without history of any contact with infected cat or eating infected meat and early measures taken like start of spiramycin/pyrimethamine and folinic acid according to the investigations can go a long way in preventing these as has been shown by studies where early treatment has been implemented.

Author Details

reproductiverndocrinology andinfertility(obstetrics and gynaecology), Dr Kulvinder Kaur Centre for human reproduction,721,gtb nagar,jalandhar,punjab
GAUTAM Nand Allahbadia
reproductiveneuroendocrinologistandinfertility(obstetrics and gynaecology), Rotunda-A Centre for Human reproduction 672,Kalpak Garden,Perry Cross Road, Near Otter’s Club,Bandra(W)-400040 MUMBAI,INDIA, India
Neurology and general Medicine, Swami Satyanand Hospital Near Nawi Kachehri,Baradri, Ladowali road,JALANDHAR PUNJAB. TELEPHONE, India

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