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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
David Chik, Jitesh Dundas and Pei Wang
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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence

The Dream of Human Level Machine Intelligence

by David Chik and Jitesh Dundas

Volume: 1 (2011); Issue: 1


This editorial letter presents a brief review on the history of artificial intelligence (AI) and current methodology. The aim and scope of this new journal will also be explained. Through many ups and downs, the path of AI seems to regain its momentum in recent years. This revival comes from the discovery of many new techniques such as evolutionary algorithm and nonlinear dynamics. The advancement of high-speed computers and our increased understanding of human brain mechanism also contribute to this breakthrough. However, researchers tend to form “small circles” and there are not enough communications between them. This new journal aims at providing a friendly platform for researchers to exchange their ideas. If more researchers around the world can come together and cooperate, then the dream of human level machine intelligence will come true very soon.

Author Details

David Chik
Department of Brain Science and Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Jitesh Dundas
Edencore Technologies, India

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