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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
David Chik, Jitesh Dundas and Pei Wang
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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence

Higher Level Intelligence in Machines

by Jitesh Dundas and Maurice H. T. Ling

Volume: 1 (2011); Issue: 2


There has been a large number of studies in neurological sciences on how human brain works, especially in reading and parallel information processing. So I think this statement is really sweeping. Perhaps it is better to knowledge the abilities of human brains and to comment on the limitations of the human brain. The book «Adapt» by Tim Hartford[22] advocates micro-step changes.An important aspect in this area is to understand the processes involved behind the scenes so that it gives us a better formulation of the creativity algorithms involved. I will try to put in some pointers on the depths to which higher level intelligence has been simulated by AI in the past years. Some of the higher level intelligence mechanisms such as creativity, dreams and logical thinking have been implemented in machines in certain ways. However, they are still not implemented in the way humans do the same. The exact mechanism in which these intelligence mechanisms are used by human brains is still way ahead of that done by computers. However, we now look at other aspects in them as well as other functions which might be explored in the years ahead in AI.

Author Details

Jitesh Dundas
Edencore Technologies, India
Maurice H. T. Ling
Department of Zoology, The University of Melbourne, Australia

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