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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
David Chik, Jitesh Dundas and Pei Wang
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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence

Re-creating the Philosopher’s Mind: Artificial Life from Artificial Intelligence

by Maurice H. T. Ling

Volume: 2 (2012); Issue: 1


The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence (AI) research is to create a system with human level intelligence. Many researchers conceded that human-like interaction in a social context to be critical for human-like intelligence to emerge. Artificial life (AL) is a branch of AI to simulate the process of evolution and interaction in natural world using multi-agent systems. This suggests that AL may be a channel towards human level intelligence.

Author Details

Maurice H. T. Ling
Department of Zoology, The University of Melbourne, Australia

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