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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence
David Chik, Jitesh Dundas and Pei Wang
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iConcept Journal of Human-Level Intelligence

Introduction to the Research of Humanoid Robots

by David Chik and Jitesh Dundas

Volume: 4 (2014); Issue: 1
Status: Copy Editing and Typesetting


This introduction includes a review on the history of humanoid robotics, the big players today, funding situation, technology, and future perspective. We offer an optimistic view and believe that financial investment to the research in this field will increase in future. An important technical issue that needs to be addressed has been identified – the understanding of human intention. Previous efforts have been focused on signal processing and motion realization, but the psychological aspect where robot can show care and respect for people has been overlooked. We suggest that the next-generation robot should be able to imagine from the viewpoint of another person, and also able to understand human body language. Finally, a relatively cheap way of building a robot has been suggested, and we once again express an optimistic view that domestic humanoid robot will become a popular product in 20 years of time.

Author Details

David Chik
Department of Brain Science and Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Jitesh Dundas
Edencore Technologies, India

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